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DOWNRIGHT DANGEROUS - It is alleged, or rather, has become increasingly likely that on the 18th of December 2020, a Christmas party was held at Number 10 Downing Street, during a tier 3 Covid 19 lockdown.


With so much corruption in the Conservative Party, and yes, a Part Time Parliament, it must be said, though they'd rather you didn't, what difference will one little end of year get-together make? It's not the end of the world. Well it was for those victims of the Whuhan virus - oh yes and thanks for that Xi. Those people who died while we lived it up, would have gone anyway. But everyone else must now have compulsory Covid jabs. Never mind your Human Rights. Now how about that consultancy fee and a cushy little job when I retire from politics, using all my old school chums to pave the way for juicy contracts. It's only right that I should get a backhander and hush money. As long as it looks legal. It's like pirating films and music, everybody does it. You should see my collection.







A demonstration against mandatory vaccinations has been organised by "Take a Stand London", "Save our Rights" and "The Great Reopening", along with other protest groups began at 12pm at Parliament Square in Westminster. The iconic location was said to be "rammed" with angry Britons on Saturday afternoon, with one witness saying on Twitter: "Parliament Square rammed with protestors!" The protest today saw people travel to the capital from across the UK and there are also rallies in Bournemouth, Blackburn, Gloucestershire, Bristol, Glasgow, Cardiff, Belfast and the Isle of Wight.


The point is here that the vaccines have not been time tested, and there have been deaths resulting from getting a jab. Some people are naturally resistant to Covid. By demanding a jab, the Prime Minister and Health Secretary are, in effect, weakening the human race, but upsetting the natural order of things. It's a bit like genetically modified vegetables. Nobody knows the long term effects.


Indeed, there are many more deaths from respiratory diseases, including lung cancer in cities from fossil fuel particulate and carcinogenic fumes. Petrol and diesel being the culprits. So why not concentrate on installing the infrastructure for EVs. All the Government need to do is pass new laws and adjust policies to give massive tax breaks to investors in green tech. As Dennis Healey might have said: "Silly Billie's."


The protest is supported by an umbrella movement called the "Together Declaration", with 170,000 signatures including business, religious and campaign leaders, as well as MPs, which is campaigning against mandatory vaccinations as well as an end to vaccine passports and mass testing.

Together argues mandating NHS staff to be double-jabbed is “completely immoral”.

The group says: “Implementing vaccine mandates for NHS front line staff will significantly impact patient care. The NHS is already understaffed and many of those front line staff worked tirelessly through the last 20 months under intense pressure. To treat them in this way is completely immoral.

“Our next campaign aims to support NHS staff in opposing mandatory covid vaccines with legal and practical advice and also to support employees in other industries as vaccine mandates may be imposed on other sectors.

“In Europe and the US, vaccine mandates have been implemented for public and private sector organisations resulting in huge job losses, and we must not let that happen in the UK.

“Once this dangerous precedent has been set, it can be expanded at will.”

A similar protest was held last month as thousands marched through Oxford Street in central London.

The move to mandatory jabs for NHS staff formed part of a vote on England moving to Plan B amid the surge of the new Omicron variant.

The requirement proved unpopular with many Tory MPs after 61 voted against the plans.

A further rebellion of 98 – the largest of the Prime Minister’s premiership – voted against the introduction of Covid passes for larger venues, such as nightclubs and football stadiums with more than 10,000 spectators.

Another 38 Tory backbenchers rebelled against compulsory face masks in most indoor settings.

The backlash at the tightening of restrictions seen in the Commons in set to be reflected in the capital.





For months the British public have been deceived with tales that there are just 5 million people in the United Kingdom who have refused to take up the offer of a Covid-19 vaccine. But it seems this was another lie perpetuated by the Johnson Thomas administration, according to 'Take A Stand London.'

It is a complete fabrication that has no doubt been used to make those who have refused the jab feel as if they are part of a minority, because an official UK Government report proves that in England alone there are approximately 23.5 million people who have not had a single dose of a Covid-19 vaccine.


That is a quarter of the population, surviving fit, healthy and well, without any jabs. So what is the skinny?


Covid is held to be no worse than the flu.


Most civil servants love the idea of working from home. They didn't do much when they went into their offices anyway. But working from home was like being on a virtual holiday. When asked to return to work, many developed a kind of mental allergy and developed psychological symptoms. Hence, became Covid victims of a different kind.


Many civil servant and medical jobs could be replaced by AI computer programs. They may function more effectively and reduce corruption in planning permissions. By eliminating discrimination.





The total number of people affected by the use of thalidomide during the mother's pregnancy is estimated at more than 10,000, of whom approximately 40 percent died at or shortly after the time of birth. Those who survived had limb, eye, urinary tract, and heart defects. Its initial entry into the US market was prevented by Frances Kelsey at the FDA. The birth defects of thalidomide led to the development of greater drug regulation and monitoring in many countries.

The severity and location of the deformities depended on how many days into the pregnancy the mother was before beginning treatment; thalidomide taken on the 20th day of pregnancy caused central brain damage, day 21 would damage the eyes, day 22 the ears and face, day 24 the arms, and leg damage would occur if taken up to day 28. Thalidomide did not damage the fetus if taken after 42 days' gestation.

It is not known exactly how many worldwide victims of thalidomide embryopathy there have been, although estimates range from 10,000 to 20,000.

In the UK, the drug was licensed in 1958 and withdrawn in 1961. Of the approximately 2,000 babies born with defects, around half died within a few months and 466 survived to at least 2010. In 1968, after a long campaign by The Sunday Times, a compensation settlement for the UK victims was reached with Distillers Company (now part of Diageo), which had distributed the drug in the UK. Distillers Biochemicals paid out approximately £28m in compensation following a legal battle.

The British Thalidomide Children’s Trust was set up in 1973 as part of a £20 million legal settlement between Distillers Company and 429 children with thalidomide-related disabilities. In 1997, Diageo (formed by a merger between Grand Metropolitan and Guinness, who had taken over Distillers in 1990) made a long-term financial commitment to support the Thalidomide Trust and its beneficiaries. The UK government gave survivors a grant of £20 million, to be distributed through the Thalidomide Trust, in December 2009.

In the U.S., the FDA refused approval to market thalidomide, saying further studies were needed. This reduced the impact of thalidomide in U.S. patients. The refusal was largely due to pharmacologist Frances Oldham Kelsey who withstood pressure from the Richardson-Merrell Pharmaceuticals Co. Although thalidomide was not approved for sale in the United States at the time, over 2.5 million tablets had been distributed to over 1,000 physicians during a clinical testing programme. It is estimated that nearly 20,000 patients, several hundred of whom were pregnant women, were given the drug to help alleviate morning sickness or as a sedative, and at least 17 children were consequently born in the United States with thalidomide-associated deformities. While pregnant, children's television host Sherri Finkbine took an over-the-counter sedative her husband had purchased in Europe. When she learned that thalidomide was causing fetal deformities she wanted to abort her pregnancy, but the laws of Arizona allowed abortion only if the mother's life was in danger. Finkbine traveled to Sweden to have the abortion. Thalidomide was found to have deformed the fetus.

For denying the application despite the pressure from Richardson-Merrell Pharmaceuticals Co., Kelsey eventually received the President's Award for Distinguished Federal Civilian Service at a 1962 ceremony with President John F. Kennedy. In September 2010, the FDA honored Kelsey with the first Kelsey award, given annually to an FDA staff member. This came 50 years after Kelsey, then a new medical officer at the agency, first reviewed the application from the William S. Merrell Pharmaceuticals Company of Cincinnati.

Cardiologist Helen B. Taussig learned of the damaging effects of the drug thalidomide on newborns and in 1967, testified before Congress on this matter after a trip to Germany where she worked with infants with phocomelia (severe limb deformities). As a result of her efforts, thalidomide was banned in the United States and Europe.


In 1968, a large criminal trial began in Germany, charging several Grünenthal officials with negligent homicide and injury. After Grünenthal settled with the victims in April 1970, the trial ended in December 1970 with no finding of guilt. As part of the settlement, Grünenthal paid 100 million DM into a special foundation; the German government added 320 million DM. The foundation paid victims a one-time sum of 2,500–25,000 DM (depending on severity of disability) and a monthly stipend of 100–450 DM. The monthly stipends have since been raised substantially and are now paid entirely by the government (as the foundation had run out of money). Grünenthal paid another €50 million into the foundation in 2008.

On 31 August 2012, Grünenthal chief executive Harald F. Stock – who served as the Chief Executive Officer of Grünenthal GmbH from January 2009 to May 28, 2013 and was also a Member of Executive Board until 28 May 2013 – apologised for the first time for producing the drug and remaining silent about the birth defects. At a ceremony, Stock unveiled a statue of a disabled child to symbolise those harmed by thalidomide and apologised for not trying to reach out to victims for over 50 years. At the time of the apology, there were 5,000 to 6,000 sufferers still alive. 




The Immune System is the Body’s Defense Against Infection.

To understand how COVID-19 vaccines work, it helps to first look at how our bodies fight illness. When germs, such as the virus that causes COVID-19, invade our bodies, they attack and multiply. This invasion, called an infection, is what causes illness. Our immune system uses several tools to fight infection.


Blood contains red cells, which carry oxygen to tissues and organs, and white or immune cells, which fight infection. Different types of white blood cells fight infection in different ways:

- Macrophages are white blood cells that swallow up and digest germs and dead or dying cells. The macrophages leave behind parts of the invading germs, called “antigens”. The body identifies antigens as dangerous and stimulates antibodies to attack them.

- B-lymphocytes are defensive white blood cells. They produce antibodies that attack the pieces of the virus left behind by the macrophages.

- T-lymphocytes are another type of defensive white blood cell. They attack cells in the body that have already been infected.

The first time a person is infected with the virus that causes COVID-19, it can take several days or weeks for their body to make and use all the germ-fighting tools needed to get over the infection. After the infection, the person’s immune system remembers what it learned about how to protect the body against that disease.

The body keeps a few T-lymphocytes, called “memory cells,” that go into action quickly if the body encounters the same virus again. When the familiar antigens are detected, B-lymphocytes produce antibodies to attack them. Experts are still learning how long these memory cells protect a person against the virus that causes COVID-19.


Hence, as a person goes through life, they deal with more virus infections and develop more resistance to infections like Covid 19. They do this naturally, building up a memory bank of defences. Some people are better at building defences, others less so. The longer a person lives, it is more likely they have more anti-virus protections. Simply because they will have fended off more attacks or cold, flu and other infections.


Social insects such as ants, have developed tremendous resistance to virus infections naturally.


Currently, there are three main types of COVID-19 vaccines that are approved or authorized for use in the United States or that are undergoing large-scale (Phase 3) clinical trials in the United States.

Below is a description of how each type of vaccine prompts our bodies to recognize and protect us from the virus that causes COVID-19. None of these vaccines can give you COVID-19.

- mRNA vaccines contain material from the virus that causes COVID-19 that gives our cells instructions for how to make a harmless protein that is unique to the virus. After our cells make copies of the protein, they destroy the genetic material from the vaccine. Our bodies recognize that the protein should not be there and build T-lymphocytes and B-lymphocytes that will remember how to fight the virus that causes COVID-19 if we are infected in the future.


- Protein subunit vaccines include harmless pieces (proteins) of the virus that causes COVID-19 instead of the entire germ. Once vaccinated, our bodies recognize that the protein should not be there and build T-lymphocytes and antibodies that will remember how to fight the virus that causes COVID-19 if we are infected in the future.

- Vector vaccines contain a modified version of a different virus than the one that causes COVID-19. 

Inside the shell of the modified virus, there is material from the virus that causes COVID-19. This is called a “viral vector.” Once the viral vector is inside our cells, the genetic material gives cells instructions to make a protein that is unique to the virus that causes COVID-19. Using these instructions, our cells make copies of the protein. This prompts our bodies to build T-lymphocytes and B-lymphocytes that will remember how to fight that virus if we are infected in the future.

While COVID-19 vaccines were developed rapidly, all steps have been taken to ensure their safety and effectiveness.




As supported by the figures, millions of people are naturally more resistant to Covid than others. Boris Johnson is not one of those. He succumbed to the virus quite early on ...





By injecting the vaccine, there may be irreversible affects to DNA, that may affect your as yet, unborn child. This is what happened with thalidomide. The natural evolutionary process may thus be interrupted as part of the anthropogenic effects of man on man and man on the planet.


Nobody can say for sure what the situation is.





A mother-of three died of multiple blood clots weeks after having a Covid-19 vaccine, an inquest has found.

Tanya Smith, 43, received the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine on March 21 this year at the Plymouth Argyle vaccination clinic.

The childminder from Plymouth then began suffering from severe stomach pains in the days after getting the jab, Plymouth Coroner’s Court was told on Wednesday.

She was later admitted into Derriford Hospital and died on April 3 in the Penrose intensive care unit (ICU). 



Britain’s omicron wave may be no worse than a flu pandemic, an expert has said, as the first major study into the new variant suggests it is less severe than delta.

The first real-world study looking at 78,000 omicron cases in South Africa found the risk of hospitalisation is 29 per cent lower compared with the Wuhan strain, and 23 per cent lower than delta, with vaccines holding up well.

Far fewer people have also needed intensive care from omicron, with just five per cent of cases admitted to ICU compared to 22 per cent of delta patients, the study shows.






BRITAIN GOT ANOTHER BUM DEAL - In electing a clown as Prime Minister, UK voters made one of the biggest mistakes in British history. Brexit was and is a disaster, costing pensioners an absolute fortune, as real world inflation halved the value of their savings, with timber, copper and other commodities doubling in price. Then there is the energy crises and nuclear power, with food prices rising. We feel sure that Dr Hannibal Lecter would like to have his old friend for dinner. It might be that some Conservative Party members might also want to join in the feast.









Boris Johnson

Prime Minister


Rishi Sunack, MP Richmond, Yorkshire


Rishi Sunack

Chancellor Exchequer


Priti Patel


Priti Patel

Home Secretary


Dominic Raab


Dominic Raab

Foreign Secretary


Michael Gove


Michael Gove

Chancellor D. Lancaster


Ben Wallace


Ben Wallace

Defence Secretary


Matt Hancock


Matt Hancock

Health & Social Care


Elizabeth Truss


 Liz Truss

International Trade


Gavin Williamson


Gavin Williamson



Oliver Dowden


Oliver Dowden



Alok Sharma MP, Reading West


Alok Sharma

MP Reading West


Robert Jenrick


Robert Jenrick

Housing, Local Gov.


Terese Coffey


Therese Coffey

Work & Pensions


Robert Buckland


 Robert Buckland



Anne-Marie Trevelyan


Anne-Marie Trevelyan

International Dev.


Grant Shapps MP Welwyn Hatfield


Grant Shapps



George Eustice


 George Eustice



Brandon Lewis


Brandon Lewis

Northern Ireland


Alister Jack


Alister Jack

Scottish Sec. State


Simon Hart


 Simon Hart

Welsh Sec. State


Baroness Evans Bowes Park


 Baroness Evans

Leader Lords


Amanda Milling


 Amanda Milling

Party Chairman


Jacob Rees-Mogg


 Jacob Rees-Mogg

Leader Commons


Mark Spencer


Mark Spencer

Chief Whip



Suella Braverman


Suella Braverman

Attorney General



Stephen Barclay


 Stephen Barclay

Treasury Sec.












Conservative politics is based on delaying economic shortcomings by robbing Peter to pay Paul, we call Pothole Politics. There is a lack of transparency in accounting, when one tax can go into a giant melting pot. The system is open to abuse and slush payments. But the underlying trend in politics (not party dependent, but more demonstrable cronyism in the Conservative ranks) is personal profiteering. What's in it for me, and not doing the job an MP was elected to do: Represent the interests of the People and State Security.


Contract procurement fraud is rife, cash for questions and party donations for honours, brings the Royal seal of approval into disrepute, showing the level of corruption in a country without a Written Constitution.


A good example of Pothole Politics is over-paying for roads and only 5% of your hard earned taxes going to road building and repairs. That is why we have so many potholes: hence, pothole politics. The evidence for which on on the streets and highways in your area. In Sussex the busy A271, makes commuting to Hastings or Hailsham dangerous, where the tarmac is narrow and flooding is likely to increase. Why is it so bad? Because under Cameron, May and now BoJo, they are turning our villages into housing estates, without the proper highways infrastructure, drainage and services. See Suicide Junction, as a prime example of planning madness. And all because the developers are contributors to party funds, allegedly. No, actually they are, reported in the media.


Where there are wealthy politicians, the poor state of services, such as the roads, is proof that allowing corruption to continue, is damaging society.






DOWNRIGHT DANGEROUS - We pay our taxes but get no value for all our hard earned pounds. Don't forget that our income is taxed along with just about everything we buy. Even buying a house is subject to stamp duty and dying also costs money with death duties. Shit! How are they getting away with bleeding the electorate dry like this? Fuel is taxed, drinks are taxed (that's okay by us), and using roads is taxed. Then there is car tax of course. We heard they are thinking of taxing sex, based on the length of your Johnson. Boris may qualify for a rebate if his member is shorter than 4 inches. A luxury tax ay be charged on dicks over 7 inches long. The treasury is baffled as to how to measure your manhood to assess liability.
















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