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Water is essential to human life, this rainbow is a sign from God that Lime Well should be protected from harm



NOAH'S ARK - The well adjacent to a proposed development site in Herstmonceux, will suffer contamination if this development proceeds. This picture was taken in 2019. The rainbow is taken as a sign from above, that Wealden will not heed. What are the odds of a rainbow appearing in exactly the same place several times. On other occasions those witnessing the event did not have a camera to hand. The happening has been captured several times.


Did you know that well water is healthier than chlorinated and fluoridated water supplied by Southern water to villages and towns in Sussex. The supply of fresh potable drinking water is a major asset to those using the well in Lime Park.





The 'Lime Wells' are two brick lined wells, sunk in the famous little Park just outside the village of Herstmonceux. One of the wells is still working in regular daily use, the other, perhaps a breather, is partially filled in and covered for safety reasons.


Having a well with fresh drinking water, uncontaminated by chlorination, fluoride and all manner of inclusions normally found in city supplies, is one of the star features of the oldest generating buildings in the world. This well has served all those working from the early electricity power station, since around C.1900. The well's bell bears a date of 1898, which is probably when the well was installed to supply cooling water for the National Gas engine and other machinery. Coal was heated to produce town gas for this engine. And there is an ice-well on the premises. Another historic feature from a time gone by.






2015 - You may care to agree, that this location gets its fair share of rainbows. The tin was removed from the generating buildings in 2017, to fit a slate roof, more in keeping with the industrial nature of the complex. The corrugated iron was installed at some time during World War Two, to protect the wooden structure from bombing raids and (presumably) fire risk during hostilities. Conservation works are still underway in 2022.




The building has a long history of denial on the part of Parish and District Councils, where it seems they decided the Convention of Human Rights did not apply to them. Ignoring the tenets of the Universal Declaration from 1948, they conspired to deny the history of the building, it appears, because they did not want the then owner to benefit from any reasonable use. The objective of a long drawn out vendetta, was to disenfranchise the occupier, so that others in the Park might purchase the complex at a knock down price.


One way to devalue property is to blight it with enforcements. Wealden did this even though they knew what the building was. Not even making enquiries of English Heritage or the County Archaeologist, who remained unaware of the existence of this valuable find until 1999. Where the conspiracy to deprive the then occupier began in 1984, you might begin to appreciate that this was no accident or oversight on the part of both Wealden District and Herstmonceux Parish councils.


Indeed, such conspiracy ascended from mere misfeasance, as misconduct in public office, to malfeasance, as rather serious crime. But the offenders were safe, because, as it is alleged in a Petition from 1997, Sussex police simple refused to investigate the complaints of 11 unrelated petitioners. Not a single statement was taken, yet a letter was read out at a full council meeting that there had been and investigation. Sounds a bit like double standards to us, and a failure on the part of the local law enforcement agency to do their duty.


The same situation seems to be applied in the case of Boris Johnson, and his Christmas parties during Covid lockdown.


Yet, the occupier of the building is routinely subject to visits by Sussex police, presumably to keep him on a short leash. The last thing they want is for an independent investigation. By keeping it all in house, they are judge and jury on their own cause. It's a typically Colonial thing to do. A leftover from Britain's Empire days, when challenges to authority were quashed with rifles. Though it may be that Australia is thinking of abandoning the sinking ship.






BRONZE BELL - The well bell and yoke bearings were given a makeover, the yoke being treated with preserver and then varnished.





TRADITIONAL - The well head has a roof supported by substantial timbers, that were treated against woodworm, dry and wet rot - several times, before a slate roof was added, to match that on the main generating buildings.





The second of the twin wells in Lime Park, is capped to prevent anyone falling into it. There was a rumor that someone had fallen down the main well shaft. But that has never been substantiated. When re-discovered in 1981, the main well had been covered with concrete sleepers. There was a 3 stage, 3 phase pump connected to the well via steel pipes, feeding a tank in the main building. So, presumably this became a water supply after WWII ceased. The galvanized tank was removed in 1981, as part of restorations. In 2022, there is an external water tank that feeds into the building.




The denials as to archaeological value, and their duty to protect such historic assets, extended into 2015 and 2018, when permission was granted to build up to 70 houses on the adjacent field. Still the unique historic asset was ignored, including the existence of the wells and their function as drinking water supplies, fed from the adjacent field.


The council have so far failed to lift the offending enforcement notice preventing beneficial use, and in particular, renting, as a way of generating an income for the upkeep of the grounds and historic building - that is built of wood. Hence, needs more tending than brick buildings of a similar size.





Fresh potable drinking water free of contaminations found in city supplies



REPENT YE SINNERS - It is only a matter of time before claims against home owners in this field arise from groundwater contamination. If you believe in signs from above, this rainbow was photographed in 2015. Developers take note. Will those purchasing such homes realise how they have been duped and will their home insurance cover the claims for damages, or pay their mortgages when they are imprisoned for pollution offences?





POND SURVEY - Alison, June, and Peter Townley, together with co-owners of this pond, did a splendid job of keeping it in good condition, such as to allow wildlife to flourish. This survey was paid for by Alison and Kim Deshayes, hoping to do a deal with developers, who wanted to run contaminated surface water through this wildlife haven, thence onto the Pevensey Levels, a RAMSAR site and SSSI. Fortunately for the protected species, the agencies protecting the flora and fauna have not allowed that to happen.




This pond is well stocked with fish and pond plants. A heron (or herons), ducks and moorhens live on this pond, protected by the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2017. The heron feeds on fish and the ducks eat pond weed. Hence, we have birds and fish to consider, in addition to the ecology that supports all of that. We also have toads in abundance in the park, and badgers that have been displaced by Southern Water's bulldozers when installing the adjacent sewage pumping station.


How the badgers were overlooked on their wildlife survey is a mystery. Assuming that they carried out a wildlife survey. We've never been permitted to see one. Therefore, assume they may not have carried one out. Though, we'd love to be proved wrong!


Developers: Latimer and presumably their parent Group, Clarion, are alleged to be conspiring with Wealden District Council and Herstmonceux Parish Council, to allow pesticides from surface water to soak into the ground to pollute and contaminate the working well that supplies drinking water to the generating building complex.















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