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IMMINENT THREAT OF POISONING - A Heron seen here with Mallard Ducks on the pond in Lime Park on the 27th of September 2020. It is proposed by Latimer Developments Limited, to pass surface water drainage through this pond, despite the detrimental effect that bio accumulative poisoning is sure to have from pesticides used on the gardens of the 70 houses they intend building.


In 1997 suspected planning crime was reported to Sussex police, following a petition to Wealden District Council. There were 12 separate complaints from unrelated complainants, but this police force failed to investigate any of the reported crimes. Now some 23 years later, suspect planning consents are still flowing. It is alleged that this is one case where the planning officers have turned a blind eye to their duty to protect these birds - and of course the fish and flora of Lime Park. One thing is for sure, Sussex police are unlikely to investigate any matter concerning any Wealden planning officer, let alone tangle with the likes of the developers, or any person doing a deal with the developers. Even if fraud or conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, or indeed to kill these birds is involved. Killing a bird by poisoning is an imprisonable offence.




The RSPB may come to mind when thinking of the protection of birds, but do not be fooled. They have limited interests, more concerned with rare species and stopping the taking of eggs.


This is an important task, but think again if you want help with a local problem such as a pond/lake where a heron, ducks, frogs, newts, and fish are under imminent threat from developers who will try any trick to make it look as though they are not intent on poisoning the pond in question, but in reality have been making provision to do just that. We advocate a policy of zero tolerance to the killing or threat of harm to birds in England, where local councils and developers tend to turn a blind eye, saying they have to earn a living.



Royal Society for the Protection of Birds - RSPB



In the UK we have no article 13, right to an effective remedy - that is why in the Human Rights Act 1998, they left out Articles 1 and 13. This is important, because it means that Legal Aid is not available to give the ordinary man a right to a day in Court with advocacy to level the playing field.

It might be then that the United Kingdom violates the European Convention, and/or the Universal Declaration, despite H M Queen Elizabeth having driven an ambulance in World War Two and the UK having helped to draft such lofty ideals.




SEPTEMBER 17 2020 - Shit handling pipes, installation at Shit Creek, Herstmonceux, the field adjacent is to be built on with 70 houses flushing excrement down a network of pipes that could spring leaks at any time. But, of even more concern is the pollution from the surface run off of pesticides from 70 gardens and garages, through Lime Pond. In that Southern Water are providing the infrastructure to make that pollution a reality, they may be held to be vicariously liable or part of a conspiracy to kill wild animals. If any of the soil pipes from the proposed houses were to leak into the pond and kill any animal, they would be criminally liable for sure.










COUNTRYSIDE ABOMINATION & HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS - If you buy one of these (proposed) houses, not only will you be adding to global warming, but you could be letting yourself in for many years of litigation, not least of which is the potential to be charged under groundwater contamination laws. At least 40% of the houses shown are in a direct line to poison the only working well in the village - Lime Well - in the lower left of the picture. The developers will also fall foul of the Human Rights Act 1998, for interfering with the peaceful enjoyment of a water supply.






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